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Welcome to the Spinal Rejuvenator

We Know Why You Are Here

You're searching for a way to be free from pain. Maybe a friend told you about the SPINAL REJUVENATOR.

Maybe it was your doctor, your nurse, or your therapist.  Maybe you attended a health fair or a convention and witnessed people in pain trying the Spinal Rejuvenator for the first time and saw the relief and smiles on their faces.  Maybe you just typed "free from pain" into Google and the link brought you here.  It doesn't matter how you came to the Spinal Rejuvenator site. What does matter is that you want to live your life again. 

You want to be rejuvenated.

You're at the right place.  Welcome to the home of the SPINAL REJUVENATOR where we are committed to helping you live a pain-free life.  But before we talk about the Spinal Rejuvenator and you read the testimonials of Spinal Rejuvenator users, let's take a moment to explore a "Spine Healthy Life-style."

Spinal Health and Wellness

Maintaining the natural  design of your back and spinal column is the most critical factor to preventing damage and the pain it causes.  What exactly does this mean?  It simply means if you could keep your back and spinal column in its natural design or alignment you would be pain free.  But how can this be accomplished? Our bodies are designed to be on the move, to work, to exercise, and to play. How could we possibly keep our back and spinal column in alignment?


We've been told all of our lives that aging and "wear and tear" on the body causes changes that create pain. Yet many people defy this belief. They are active, playing sports, smiling, and happy while living their lives to the fullest.  How do they do it?  What is their secret?  Are they just lucky?

The truth is that there isn't any secret, and it's not luck.  It's wellness.  A healthy spinal column is our foundation, and is absolutely essential to the overall quality of life.

Today, one out of every ten people suffers with daily back pain.  In the United States the number one cause of work absence is back pain.

Over one hundred million work days are lost each year due to back pain, and it is the second highest cause of permanent disability.   These are very revealing and sobering statistics.  The questions become; how do we maintain spinal health and wellness, and if we already have damage, how can we correct it? The simple answer to both questions is the SPINAL REJUVENATOR.




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