We Know Why You Are Here

You’re searching for a way to be free from pain.  Maybe you just typed “free from pain” into Google and the link brought you here. It doesn’t matter how you came to the Spinal Rejuvenator site. What does matter is that you want to live your life again.

We are committed to helping you live a pain-free life.

Maintaining the natural design of your back and spinal column is the most critical factor to preventing damage and the pain it causes. What exactly does this mean? It simply means if you could keep your back and spinal column in its natural design or alignment you would be pain free. Our bodies are designed to be on the move, to work, to exercise, and to play. How could we possibly keep our back and spinal column in alignment?We’ve been told all of our lives that aging and “wear and tear” on the body causes changes that create pain. Yet many people defy this belief. They are active, playing sports, smiling, and happy while living their lives to the fullest.

 A healthy spinal column is our foundation, and is absolutely essential to the overall quality of life. Today, one out of every ten people suffers with daily back pain. In the United States the number one cause of work absence is back pain.Over one hundred million work days are lost each year due to back pain, and it is the second highest cause of permanent disability. These are very revealing and sobering statistics. 

Kevin Jones

Founder of the Spinal Rejuvenator Health and Wellness Center and Inventor of the Spinal Rejuvenator.

kevinjonesHello, my name is Kevin Jones and I am the inventor of the Spinal Rejuvenator.

The promise to commit ourselves to your health and well being is not something that we take lightly.

From my earliest memory I have always wanted to help people.  Even at that young age it was clear to me that everywhere I looked almost everyone at some point in their life suffered with back pain.

I began to study anatomy and physiology paying special attention to body mechanics and the fundamental differences of each person.  The more I learned the more apparent it became to me that everyone’s anatomy is unique! I knew that there had to be a better way.

My search for answers lead me to the Core Institute Center for Orthopedic Research and Education that specializes in teaching the healing art of structural bodywork.  At the time that I attended Core Institute the largest percentage of my clients consisted of professional athletes.  I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that a professional athlete’s health and subsequent performance is big business and fortunes and futures literally hang in the balance.  Fortunately for me the athletic community is very tight-knit and word spread quickly of the results that we could provide.  Today, I continued being a trainer for world class athletes.

I sought out and worked with experts in every facet of Spinal Orthopedic and back care treatment including Orthopedic and Neurological Surgeons, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, and Osteopathic Physicians. Each specialty taught me different aspects of body mechanics and the importance of a healthy spine.

Then, in 2004 while working with a special needs patient I began using a cylindrical foam roller as part of my treatment plan.  By positioning and using a specialized stretching and exercise regimen this patient experienced spontaneous, lasting relief.  She was overjoyed.  I was too but now I had a bigger challenge.  Could these results be repeated?

Over the next week after several more treatments the patient literally jumped up off the table.  I was astonished to the say the least.  She looked at the pictures on my walls  of some of the athletes that I had treated over the years and told me, “I’m going to be just like them.”

I began introducing my new therapy to all levels of patients – from athletes looking to increase their performance to the chronically ill patients for which surgeries and/or other treatments had not worked. I was amazed and excited to find that patients of all ages experienced increased coordination and balance within minutes.   Each patient found very positive results.

Thank you for this opportunity to tell you my story.


Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones welcomes your questions and comments.  You can contact Kevin by clicking here.  Thank you.

Joel E. Stephens, CEO of Rejuvenation Corporation

Joel E. Stephens is the CEO of Rejuvenation Corporation.  He has also served on the board of the ECGP Corporation.  Born April 19th, 1947 in Raleigh, North Carolina, Mr. Stephens brings over 39 years  of Medical Product Sales to the Spinal Rejuvenator Corporation.

Joel E. Stephens welcomes your questions and comments.  You can contact Joel by clicking here.  Thank you.

Mike Riley, Executive Product Development and Design Specialist

Mike Riley has been part of the Spinal Rejuvenator management team since 2006. He was instrumental in the initial development of the internal acupressure support system design and in the fabrication of the first Rejuvenator prototype units.  Additionally, he has fabricated specialized equipment used  exclusively in the our manufacturing process.  The tools he has created allow for the support system to be precisely inserted in to the middle of the Rejuvenator’s two urethane foam components.

Mr. Riley currently supervises our quality control efforts and he heads our Research and Development Team.  Currently he is working on the development of several complimentary Rejuvenator accessories and on a second generation Spinal Rejuvenator design that will keep our company competitive in the marketplace in the years to come.

Mike Riley welcomes your questions and comments.  You can contact Mike by clicking here.  Thank you.