First Time Use of the Spinal Rejuvenator

  1. Place the Spinal Rejuvenator on the floor or other solid, flat surface.fig1
  2. Sit down gently on the beveled end of the Spinal Rejuvenator.
  3. Slowly lean back and position your spinal column so that it is aligned with the middle of the Spinal Rejuvenator's rounded foam top.
  4. Feel the Spinal Support System  beneath the surface of the foam.
  5. While lying on the Spinal Rejuvenator, slide your body forward or backward until the highest point of the Spinal Support System is located in the small of your back, just above your hips.
  6. Just relax in this position for a couple of minutes. Inhale deeply and exhale slowly until you feel relaxed and comfortable.fig2
  7. Bend your knees and spread your feet slightly wider than your hips.  Your feet should be flat on the floor and remain so through this entire exercise.  (see illustration #2)

8.    Move your knees together until they touch.  You can repeat this exercise as necessary.

Important!  If you experience pain, immediately stop this exercise.