“The Spinal Rejuvenator simply reverses what life does to us.”  -Dr. Bob Rotella, PGA Tour Psychologist


golfer“After using the Spinal Rejuvenator for several months, I’ve noticed remarkable improvement in my posture while my balance and coordination has improved. I use this simple product several times a day and even take it along on my travels. Great product!” -Raymond Floyd, Professional Golfer

“I wish I’d had this when I was on the PGA Tour!”



From Mark A

Hi Kevin,

Just wanted to drop you quick note to let you know how well the Rejuvenator is working for me. I use it every day and have discovered much improved mobility — and a lot less back stress. I commend you on your design. It’s an elegantly simple way to provide support for the spine while working to improve range of motion and mobility. Those are two great things for golfers. Keep up the good work!

Mark A

Joey D Golf Performance Center

From George Kousaleos

From the first time I used the Spinal Rejuvenator (SR) I was thoroughly impressed with the immediate decompression benefits to the para-spinal tissues of my lumbar and thoracic regions. Using the recommended and simple low-impact movements, I also saw an improvement to the range-of- motion of my hips and shoulders.

As a practitioner and teacher of CORE Myofascial Therapy, CORE Structural Integration, and CORE Sports & Performance Bodywork, I have already incorporated the Spinal Rejuvenator into my clinical practice with elite athletes to more quickly assist my clients with their goals of improving structural alignment, elevating balance and flexibility, and reducing chronic pain. I am excited to demonstrate the Spinal Rejuvenator to all of the massage therapists, physical therapists and athletic trainers that I encounter in future clinical and educational settings.

The Spinal Rejuvenator has the potential to revolutionize patient care as both a therapeutic tool and self-care device that supports optimal physical health through spinal integrity.

George Kousaleos, LMT, NCTMB

Founder of the CORE Institute of Somatic Therapies

Director of the Sports Bodywork Team of the Florida State University Football Team

From Henry Therapeutics, a prominent rehab and physical therapy center in South Florida.

“As owner, and managing member of Henry Therapeutics, I have access to a limitless amount of equipment, but the Spinal Rejuvenator has been a time saver and a valuable tool in our rehab. Our patients have felt instantaneous results, ranging from decreased muscle spasms to increased range of motion and function just after one use.

One of its greatest attributes is its simplicity of use and function. With a simple explanation, anyone can utilize this equipment efficiently and effectively. Lining up your body with simple landmarks and relax. For advanced users, there are many self stretches and self mobilizations that can be utilized for greater relief and strong gains with functional activities.

I look forward to purchasing this amazing equipment in the future for each clinic, as well as offering it to each patient as a tool for their recovery and to promote overall health.”


Robert Henry

Owner/Managing Member

From Coach Danny Flores

I’m writing this letter to let coaches, professional athletic trainers and professional athletes about one of the best tools you can have in your regimen to enhance athletic performance. It’s called the Spinal Rejuvenator. This product is useful in the warmup routine with stretching by reducing the time required to perform these stretches   Most profound is the observation of a higher level of performance later in the game which is very evident with my pitchers. Another benefit is the increased range of motion seen in all my players’ shoulders and necks which is a big advantage for a ballplayer which comes naturally using the Spinal Rejuvenator.

When players are injured in the shoulder/scapula area, using the Spinal Rejuvenator definitely speeds recovery faster than any other therapies alone. As a baseball coach, shoulder/scapula/thoracic spine problems are particularly prevalent among baseball players. By performing the designed program of resistance bands and weights on the Spinal Rejuvenator, I have seen problems resolve faster and strength in the shoulder is much greater than ever before while the distance and speed is improved without any other treatment for such results. To illustrate, we have won two championships in a row and unquestionably the Spinal Rejuvenator has accelerated both performance and recuperative interval.

I should be said as well that this 4 lb device is easy to use and take along anywhere for use when we need it most.

Coach Danny Flores

Epling Baseball Center

From Dr. Joseph J.  Alshon,  D. O.

Dear Kevin,

Twelve months ago you asked me to evaluate the Spinal Rejuvenator device.   At first, I was skeptical that your product could generate any substantial benefits to individuals contending with painful back conditions. However, since that point time, I have had the opportunity to use the device personally and I have also allowed my staff to use it as a tool in the rehabilitation of patients I have or currently am treating.

I am pleased to say the the Spinal Rejuvenator is effective at relieving stress and reducing pain associated with many different types back problems.  The simplistic design of your device is deceiving; however the benefits that result after an individual uses the product for 15 to 20 minutes are quite apparent.

I graduated from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine 1988.  As a medical professional, I am required to continuously read and study information on the latest developments in spinal related therapeutic devices.  To my knowledge I do not know of another product currently being marketed that is as easy to use and effective as your Spinal Rejuvenator.

Please let me know if I can help you in any way as you move forward on your quest to mass produce and bring your product to market.  I look forward to seeing and evaluating the enhancements you plan for the next generation of the the Spinal Rejuvenator.


Joseph J.  Alshon,   D. O.

“The Spinal Rejuvenator – It’s Benefits and Uses”

by R. P. Tsang, Registered Physical Therapist and Acupuncture Physician

From John G. Prosser, II

While visiting a Worker’s Comp convention which I do in search for new, more effective advances in treatment of neurotrauma, I discovered a demonstration of the Spinal Rejuvenator. I was observing the people that were trying the device and listening to what they’re comments were. As I continued through hundreds of exhibitor booths during the several days I was in attendance there, I kept coming back to the Spinal Rejuvenator booth and was hearing remarkable comments from the individuals who were trying it. People trying it were experiencing relief from symptoms and pain associated with numerous diagnoses such as sciatica, low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain just to name a few. After several times observing the Spinal Rejuvenator booth, I decided to try it myself.

Was I ever surprised! I was delighted to feel relief myself from just a few minutes lying back on the Spinal Rejuvenator. I thought about this experience overnight and came back the next day and purchased one for myself and my family to use.

A far as I am concerned, of all the new devices and therapies being exhibited in that convention this was the only one that outshines all others in its simplicity, safety and effectiveness. I told the inventor who was there that the Spinal Rejuvenator is an ingenious device and should receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

John G. Prosser, II

President of the Neurotrauma Association of Florida

Author of, “From Back Pain to Bankruptcy”

From R. P. Tsang

The genius of this product is in its ability to quickly and effectively unload or decompress the spine with its unique body-shaped design, the simple assistance of gravity and with the minimum of effort. Combined with some simple exercises the Spinal Rejuvenator allows the user to then regain and safely develop optimal strength and flexibility in order to prevent or reduce further recurrence of back problems in the acute case or allows safe management of the chronic pain in conjunction with a correct, medically approved program.

The Spinal Rejuvenator is also of great benefit to the athlete or worker suffering from repetitive injury or poor posture and body mechanics – simply by reversing the abnormal stresses on the spine Once the spine is in a healthy state of balance within its structure – the posture, the nervous system and internal organs can return to normal function and can be assisted along in this journey by other types of lifestyle interventions such as advice on correct training, nutritional correction, physical therapy, acupuncture, and osteopathic corrections under and Osteopath or Chiropractor, etc.

The experienced and skilled team behind the “Spinal Rejuvenator” can assist you with your journey back to optimal health and well-being, also to help the individual to combat the everyday stresses and strains of modern life, to become the best you can be – when your body feels good your mind feels good and able to fight the rigors of modern life! A few minutes a day on the “Spinal Rejuvenator” can help prevent or alleviate problems before they develop into more serious conditions which can be very expensive and take much longer to fix than it does to prevent.

– R. P. Tsang

Registered Physical Therapist/Acupuncture Physician