What is the Spinal Rejuvenator?

The Spinal Rejuvenator is 100% made in America product and constructed using the highest quality components domestically manufactured and available in the United States. The internally mounted Spinal Support System has been engineered to withstand weight up to 350 pounds.
If you are one of the thirty million Americans suffering daily from chronic back pain or you have a friend or family member contending with periodic back pain problems, we would like to introduce to you the Spinal Rejuvenator, the most comfortable and efficient “Home Back Pain Relief Product available in the world today.
The Spinal Rejuvenator a non-mechanical dual purpose tool for preventive spinal wellness and rehabilitation of existing back weaknesses. It provides continuous firm support to an individual’s entire back, as it reinforces the three natural curves of the human spine which are our body’s pillars of strength and mobility.

To use it a person simply places the Spinal Rejuvenator on the floor or other solid flat surface and then sits down gently on be beveled end of the device. Leaning backward the center of the Spinal Rejuvenator is aligned so that the vertebra column is positioned in the middle of rounded foam top. The Internally mounted spinal support system can then be felt beneath the surface of the foam. Proper positioning is achieved by the individual sliding their body forward or backward along the length in the Spinal Rejuvenator until the highest point of the support system in located in the small of the back just above the hips.
When the earth’s gravity gently pulls downward on an individual’s body resting in this position, 14.7 pounds per square inch of acupressure therapy is applied to both sides of the spinal column. The large muscles of the back that run on both sides of the spine begin to relax, positive affects both physically and mentally begin to occur.


To date hundreds of individuals have been allowed access to the Rejuvenator. Prototype development took place over 36 months during which the product was tested in both controlled and uncontrolled situations.
The overwhelming response has been extremely positive. In most cases a single 15 minute session resulted in one or more of the above cited benefits becoming immediately apparent to the first time user. We fully acknowledge that these results may vary significantly between individuals.
What we do know however, is that The Spinal Rejuvenator makes a person with a healthy back feel good and a person with a bad back feel better.